A few things to consider from a photography perspective
  • Cell phones and cameras.  I don't mind if your guests shoot pictures with their own cameras or with their phones, but I do want you to keep in mind that you will probably see dozens of iPhones in the air in the photos of you walking down the aisle.  If you're fine with it, so am I.  If it sounds like something you won't like, consider having your officiant ask people to put them away during the ceremony.
  • Formal group pictures.  I ask that you put together a list ahead of time (names and relation to you) of the different groups you wish to take formal pictures with.  I will shoot as many groupings as you'd like, but my advice is larger groups and fewer shots. Take a picture with all your cousins, not a picture with each one.  Have the bride and groom in all or at least most of the pictures, not bride with group, groom with group, couple with group....
  • If possible, it's always helpful when there's a designated guest, usually a cousin or close family friend or sibling that knows all of the people on the list and can help us wrangle them.  
  • Wedding days are always stressful, and people tend to breathe a sigh of relief once the ceremony is over.  It's common for at least a few of the key players in the formal pictures to go missing at this time right when we need them.  Please let all the people on your list know that you plan to shoot formal pictures with them right after the ceremony and to stay close.  Also let any elderly grandparents and the people who may be driving them know not to run off to the reception.  I always try to do the pictures with any elderly family members first.
  • If you have any groups or friends that you want to make sure you get a picture with, but maybe not at the formals, or if you simply forgot to add someone I'll be more than happy to shoot as many impromptu shots at the reception as you'd like.