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Why you should choose me as your wedding photographer
Wedding photography is an odd thing to shop for.  I wish very much that it was as simple as the work selling itself, but it's not.  When someone hires you, they're taking a chance on you.  An expensive chance.  The hardest part is that there are no standards.  When you shop for most things, the quality increases with the price.  In photography it's often not true.  Within the industry, we're constantly being told to raise our prices.  Often the very expensive wedding photographers are very good, and the least expensive one's are pretty terrible.  It's all of us in the middle that are incredibly variable.  Someone charging $2000 could be dramatically better than someone charging $2500.  That can be difficult to make sense of.  I'm obsessed with the idea of bang for buck.  In all aspects of life, not just pricing.  The idea that you could spend twice as much as I'm charging and only get marginally better work, and at the same time if you chose someone even $50 cheaper than me the work would be drastically less impressive.  That's where I think I am. 
I understand that you have to look at us as a consumer.  So you're comparing what you see on the different websites.  Albums, prints, number of hours they give you on the wedding day, multiple photographers.  I won't tell you not to do that, but don't let that be the whole picture.  Remember you're shopping for someone to create art of your life.  Don't boil it down to an itemized receipt.  Out of all the wedding photographers you've looked at and can afford, whose images do you like the best?  That isn't the only thing to consider, but it should be one of the biggest.  Let me tell you a few of my thoughts on the industry, and while I'm at it a little about myself and my style.  Most wedding photographers are basically the same.  They all use the same website templates, the same cameras and lenses, the same editing software, the same  techniques, the same packages and pricing, the same poses and the same presets in their editing.  Now you don't want a photographer that's going to be experimental and weird while documenting the most important day of your life, but you don't want to pay someone thousands of dollars to re-create boring and trendy photos either.
When I photograph a wedding , the vast majority of the day, I'm in documentarian mode.   I'm easy going and unobtrusive.  When you shoot this way, you are able to capture emotions and facial expressions.  I've seen a lot of $10,000 and up wedding photos that look like professional fashion shoots, but the faces show no real emotion.  I recently had a bride tell me that her Dad is a really serious guy, and there were more pictures of him smiling that I shot at her wedding then her family had from his whole life.  That is maybe the most impressive thing I can tell you about my work.  I'm not going to bore you with technical jargon, but what makes an incredible photograph is complicated.  There are an infinite number of different combinations of angles, focal lengths, apertures, shutter speeds, camera and lens combinations and editing techniques that make a photo stand out.  And that's all aside from the fact that you have to capture an interesting moment to begin with.   So many photographers rely on canned poses because they don't know how to make an interesting image from behind the camera, so they have to try and manipulate what's in front of the camera so you don't notice.
Let me try to answer a few FAQs.  I use professional Canon gear.  I've been a photographer my entire life.  I've been doing paid work for about eight years and this is my 4th serious year of shooting weddings professionally.  I've been doing it long enough to have sufficient experience, but not so long that I'm jaded and bored.  I have some incredibly talented colleagues that shoot with me if you choose the appropriate package, although I'm perfectly capable of covering an entire wedding day by myself.  For every story I hear about someone loving their photographer, I hear at least five horror stories.  He was late, it took six months to see our pictures, he was rude to my guests, there were hidden fees we didn't find out about until it was too late, he acted like we were putting him out when we asked him to shoot something, etc.  I'm professional, punctual, friendly, accommodating, affordable, talented and efficient.  And I'd love to shoot your wedding!

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